The Everyday Bypass by D.M. of Orgs in Power: Flag FSO and St. Hill Size Hambourg Org which leads to a Crash of the Stats

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This is a quote of the longer report by Martin Ottmann, an ex-Sea Org Staff of Flag, published on a website [1]:

Andreas Grosz

The Role Of RTC, WDC And The CMO


The Religious Technology Center is not part of International Management. It is a parallel policing body which ensures that the Church of Scientology International, whom it has licensed to use the trademarks and service marks, does put the trademarks to good use and is Keeping Scientology Working. The Command Channels Of Scientology, p.6.

The Watchdog Committee (WDC) is the highest ecclestical authority in the Church. WDC does not manage. It is an inspection and police organization which inspects the actual management units of the Church and sees that they are established and functioning. It is responsible for forming up management units where they do not exist or re-forming them where they may be ineffective...If these management units fail to function at any point, WDC has its parallel observation and enforcement arm - the Commodore's Messenger Org - which it activates to investigate and handle the situation and get management corrected and functioning. The Command Channels Of Scientology, p. 9-10.

The CMO is the enforcement and execution arm of the Watchdog Committee. When WDC issues an order to a managment unit, while it would expect that unit to comply, the CMO would verify the FACT of compliance...The CMO units form a parallel network, autonomous to the mangement lines, which reports to the Watchdog Committee and enforces its orders, thus achieving its purpose of putting management units there and seeing that they manage. The Command Channels Of Scientology, p. 10.

I studied the "Command Channels"-course in 1990 and I read also the stated paragraphes. I learned that the FSO was managed by the Flag Bureaux (through the "Flag Representative" and other relay-posts at the FLB of the "tactical management" of Scientology). The CMO, WDC and RTC would not interfere or manage the FSO. How did the reality look like?

How I Experienced David Miscavige's Role In Scientology

During my time as a Sea Org member it happened two times that I personally met David Miscavige in his function as Chairman of the Board RTC (COB):

1.) In Fall of 1990 all the registrars of the FSO were ordered to the registrar office of Division 2 in the Fort Harrison. We were told that we would receive a briefing by COB.

We gathered together in David Foster's office and waited. Finally David Miscavige came and talked to us for about 10 or 15 minutes. The topic were the services of the FSO and the new pricelist, which we were awaiting and which had been announced by the senior executives of the FSO. In a subordinate clause Miscavige remarked, that he had fixed the prices for the FSO-services in the previous week.

I found that confusing, as I had learned from different issues of the Scientology management that the "Gross Income Executive International" (GIEI) Kathy Klemmer was responsible for fixing the prices of the FSO. I came to the conclusion that Kathy was therefore nothing but a recipient of an order by Miscavige in her function as manager for the FSO-prices.

2.) During Spring of 1992 I was told by my senior, the Dissemination Secretary Rosalynne Harris, that I had to expect an inspection by David Miscavige. Nothing happened though for several weeks.

In May or June the rumors of an inspection of the FSO by the COB took shape. My seniors told me several times that the day of the inspection would came nearer, but nobody knew the exact date.

Finally the "Watchdog Committee FSO" Sue Porter made a pre-inspection and took also a look at my department, the department 5. Then, I think it was June, the day of the inspection was officially announced. Everybody in the FSO was ordered to clean the different rooms and getting the FSO in perfect shape, in order to show COB what an "upstat" org the FSO was. My seniors were so frantic in hiding every possible flaw, so David Miscavige couldn't see it, I had the impression that they would have to face severe punishment, if Miscavige would find too many "out-points" in one particular area.

On the day of the inspection I was filing some folders at about 9 pm, when David Miscavige suddenly came into my department via the backdoor. He was wearing civil clothes and was followed by his wife, by CMO-staff, by Debbie Cook and by other people, who I supposed, were from Scientology management. He greeted me and I wished him a good morning and he went directly into the letter registrar section. He demanded a letter written by an American letter registrar in order to check it. He got furious after he learned that we had just two English speaking letter reges. Finally he got a letter from Judy Gilbertson. He looked through it and criticized that the content of the letter would turn it actually into a HCO-letter and therefore disqualified it as a Div. 2-letter.

After that Miscavige wanted to see a folder from the CF. He asked for the file of a guy whose last name was "Rounds" (I forgot the first name). I looked through the CF and told Miscavige that there were several folders and asked him if he wanted to have the "pt-folder" (present time-folder). He said no and that I should give him an earlier one. While I was looking through the folders Miscavige noted my short-sightedness and asked me if I had trouble with my vision. I answered him that I was short-sighted. When he got the requested folder, Miscavige took a seat at a desk of the Addresso-Section, opened the folder and read the letter on top. After few seconds he turned to Debbie Cook, who stood by in an afraid manner, and told her how "off-policy" and disgusting that letter was, but that it had been written "before her time". He told that the letter registrar of that particular letter had written to a tennis-club to get in contact with Rounds. He asked Debbie what Rounds would do now and if he was still "off-lines" (not doing Scientology-services). Debbie answered that she didn't know. Miscavige closed the folder, stood up and went to the exit. The inspection of my department obviously came to a fast end. Then suddenly he turned around and told me: "And you, you gonna get glasses!" I replied with "Yes, Sir!".

He turned and walked to the exit-door, when he saw the backlog of the CF-papers in the boxes which were stored on tables at the other side of the department. He asked Debbie, if there would be any unanswered letters from the public in that boxes. Debbie answered with "Definitely not!", whereupon Miscavige left the department. His wife made a picture of the backlog and then everybody of the inspection group went out.

Miscavige made a whole tour through the FSO and its several divisions. He also visited the technical divisions, where the auditing and the Scientology-courses were delivered. The day he returned to Los Angeles, the technical divisions 4, 4a and 4b received several telexed orders, "cramming-orders", by the RTC. It led to an immense crash of the weekly statistics in the technical area. There was no doubt that David Miscavige was the source of these orders, which bypassed the whole "official" management of Scientology.

A few days later I checked the folder of "Rounds", Miscavige had requested. I found out that Rounds himself had actually written that letter from the tennis-club to the FSO. I wondered how Miscavige, the highest Scientologist on earth, could confuse sender and addressee of a simple letter.

I also received the following informations by Sea Org members who had to deal directly with David Miscavige:

1.) During an executive meeting in the conference room of the Coachman Building in Spring of 1992 the Commanding Officer of the FSO Debbie Cook told us: "Every time COB comes for a visit to the FSO, the first thing he asks me, is: "How much is your GI?"".

Debbie Cook used that little story to let us know, how much pressure she received from her seniors and even from David Miscavige himself to make the FSO produce at least 2,000,000 $ every week.

2.) In Spring 1992 all the registrars of the FSO received a briefing by delegates of the "Central Marketing Unit" (CMU) of the Scientology management in the Coachman Building. A woman told us that a big graph with the weekly GI-figure of the FSO had been made up at the CMU. The graph showed also each piece of promo that had been sent out by the FSO every week. One could therefore compare the effectiveness of the different promotional campaigns in relation to the Gross Income that followed weeks later.

She meant further that this poster stayed in COB's office for a whole week. With that remark she wanted to stress, how much devotion Miscavige applied in an evaluation of the promotional campaigns of the FSO.

Miscavige and the Scientology-organization in Hamburg, Germany

In 1991 Miscavige made an inspection of the Class-V-organization in Hamburg, which was the biggest non-Sea Org service organization in Scientology at that time. He was accompanied by several senior executives of the Scientology-management. After the inspection he gave the "Executive Director", Wiebke Hansen, of that organization a so-called "RTC pass", which meant that her organization would fully apply "standard tech" and "standard admin". This was published in an interne Scientology magazine with a picture of David Miscavige, his juniors and Wiebke Hansen at the front of the entrance of the "org".

At the beginning of the year 1995 Wiebke Hansen disappeared. She was replaced by Mark Lizer, a Sea Org staff, who had had the post of "D/FCCI PO for Call In" at the FSO. In a TV-interview Ursula Caberta, a known Scientology critic, told that Wiebke Hansen had falsified her "Gross Income"-statistic by adding the income of real estate-dealers to it and was therefore removed from post. Franz Riedl, the spokesman of the "Church of Scientology Germany" denied the allegation of Caberta in that interview.

During the year Wiebke Hansen sent a letter to the "Spiegel" magazine from Los Angeles saying that she had moved for "spiritual enhancement to sunny California". Wiebke was "New OT 8" in 1995.

Few weeks ago I met an Ex-Sea Org member from Flag Crew, Anita Deininger, who worked in the room service of the Fort Harrison and the Sandcastle for seven months in the last year. She told me, that in Spring of 1995 Miscavige made an inspection of the Flag Land Base and its orgs. Few days before the May 9th event she saw David Miscavige together with Norman Starkey, "Executive Director Author's Services International", discussing with a German staff, the "Senior Case Supervisor", from Hamburg Org. Few days after a staff from HCO FSO told her that the man from Hamburg, a "Class VIII Auditor" and a high OT, was at Flag for correction because he had made serious mistakes on his post. He further said that David Miscavige had given him the "choice" of joining the Sea Org by being RPF'ed or getting SP declared. The man choosed the RPF.

Comment by Andreas Grosz:

The Snr C/S Hambourg Org he is talking about is Juergen Denker, he was one of the good guys and power-terminals, who led the Org to St. Hill Size. He was loved and admired by his auditors and their PCs. After his demotion by David Miscavige the org stats crashed.