Take over plot of the Roman Empire against the Christians

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Not only Christianity or Scientology, but in this series you will find other Religious Movements which have been taken over by the enemy:


Taking over of Christianity recognized by a Scientologist

The following was my personal viewpoint (Andreas Groß) on the takeover of Christianity in August 2008, when I had only a superficial knowledge on the details of the takeover:

Jesus brought a totally new idea, religion to the west: love your neigbour etc. It came from the east, from Buddhism and opposed the Old Testament like water opposes fire.

This was in contradiction to the priests and the Roman and similar governments.

The new Christian Church was heavily attacked for a few hundred years by these SPs.

But finally Rome got control over the christians in the 4th century.

But long before this, this was well prepared by rewriting the sayings of Jesus, so that they would become acceptable for the take-over team.

That take-over-plot was very rude and without much experience in it. The only reason, we don't know much about it is: at that time we did not had the commlines and the internet to speak out against the Suppressives.

But some of the data can be reconstructed.

For example: all the five new testaments we have in our bible have been written many DECADES after Jesus death!

They are only secondary literature, based on the Logia (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logia )

The Logia was Source.

We would call the New Testament as a squirreled version of source.

Source would be the logia, but this is lost!

In the Vatican they hide a library with all the old scriptures, which are not available to the common researcher or student. Like the LRH-scriptures are put away into the vaults of CST.

And the Vatican expelled everyone, who questioned their interpretation of the scriptures: excommunication!

They even applied the free game policy on any such critic: called the Holy Inquisition.

Do you recognize any more similarities?

God of Eden


And even the old testament is a rewrite of an earlier religion, which had more truth in it. The books of Moses are based on the Gilgamesh Epos: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilgamesh_epos

There is a very revealing book called "Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, which shows this developement and its background. The original religion was telling about Man's suppression by the Gods. The Old Testament hides this fact and makes Man wrong, that he is a sinner and should not be free.

Universal Life


In December 2009 I came across the teachings of Universal Life and was totally astonished: they documented exactly what I wrote here and in much more detail. And I have never been in contact with them. They believe in the original teachings of Jesus Christ, which include reincarnation, vegetarism and that "Theta is superior to MEST" (that the spiritual world is senior to the material world). There are a lot of Christians who recognize this plot and can not be cheated any more! Not only the denomination of the Universal Life.

Take over by Saulus aka Paulus

I found a very good german article about the plot of Saulus, who first tried to destroy and kill all Christians and finally came to senses and "promoted Christianity" by altering all essential ideas and messages of Jesus to a religion, which was acceptable for the Roman government. So not only the publication of the New Testament together with the old makes a fake out of Christianity, but also the original teachings of Jesus together with the teachings of his enemy Paulus. In detail read here: "Wie Paulus die Lehre des Jesus verfälschte" or the booklet by Robert Kehl "Jesus, der größte Betrogene aller Zeiten".