Marty Rathbun left RTC, looked for a job and is in politics today

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Mark Rathbun is no longer executive in RTC, it seems he left his post.

Here you can find his offer for business consulting:


Achieve Your Objectives

Expert consultation and services toward goal achievement. 30 years expertise in strategic planning and tactical execution in the fields of communications, public relations, legal affairs, interaction with government entities, press relations, conflict resolution and more.

Mark Rathbun (Ingleside, Texas) 361-249-6800

I was told, that he finally got a job: Obama's organizer for South Texas is Mark Rathbun, not verified yet, whether we talk about the same person.

If you don't remember Marty, I will remind you: he is one of the very few responsible for the take-over of the church by the US-government. See here: David Miscavige says "The war is over" and counts the IRS to his best friends