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Website owner:Andreas Gross

Welcome to the Website

David Miscavige go Home!

This site is a Wiki and is dedicated to the purpose of removing David Miscavige from the post of Chairman of the Board of RTC (Religious Technology Center), which illegally controls the Church of Scientology in the name of CST and the US government.

Everyone with the same purpose is invited to join in, create an account and write articles or correct articles or translate articles into his language or help in the design and programming of this site: We have a page What is needed and wanted in your contribution

Our motto "D.M. go Home" shall remind at the motto "Ami go home", his home is probably Langley, Virginia, as far as I know.

One "Scientologist in good faith" considered this to be a site by a hate group. If this is so, then the fire department or HCO is a hate group too. But there exists the 2-3% SPs and someone has to handle them. My profession is auditor, I earn all my money by auditing, so my main job can't be this website as I don't earn anything through it, it just costs my time. But per the Code of a Scientologist Ron expects this site from me and every other Scientologist. Even if Scientology would not be at risk, we would have to expose every CIA-plant and SP. But Miscavige and his friends are destroying Scientology if we don't stop him now. That is not our right, it is our duty.

"The price of freedom: Constant alertness and the willingness to fight back!" LRH

Abraham Lincoln.jpg

"David Miscavige: you may deceive all the Scientologists part of the time,

and part of the Scientologists all the time,

but not all the Scientologists all the time."

the same in German:

"Man kann alle Menschen für einige Zeit belügen.

Einige Menschen kann man auch für alle Zeit belügen.

Aber man kann nicht alle Menschen für alle Zeit belügen"

roughly quoting Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

Albert Einstein spoke about the difference of D.M. and LRH:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

This website is the beginning of D.M.'s end!

Here is a list of the current articles on this site:


Andreas Grosz