Ex-Sea Org Members accuses D.M. that he beats his juniors physically

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This was posted here: [1]


chuckbeatty77 @aol.com quotes one called blownforgood:

"The beatings were very secretive through the 90's. It was in 2000 onwards where he was beating these guys more and more and it was a regular thing. In 2003-2004 I would assume there was at least a beating each day and some time multiple ones depending on how many meeting there were. The main guys that I saw DM hit over and over again at meetings were, Mike Rinder, Marc Yager, Gueilleme Leserve, Mark Ingber, Ray Mitoff and Rick Cruzen."

And adds.

[I confirmed the above with two other ex Int staffers who saw the same. One of them said that David Miscavige's beating they'd witnessed from

1995 onwards to until 2005, and agree the beatings were way more frequent in the last couple years.]

Please, any other lurking ex Int staff who saw these petty beatings, please contact me or somehow share what you saw and confirm or offer your input.

Chuck Beatty

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