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Not only Christian Science or Scientology, but in this series you will find other Religious Movements which have been taken over by the enemy:

A Scientologist with the pen name of Basic Basic wrote about the Christian Science in a newsgroup:

Scroll down to the "preface" (over all the heavy-handed religious intro) on this page:


It has a rather disturbing echo to the CofS.


IN 1980 a lawsuit was filed by the Christian Science Board of Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, against Independent Christian Science Church of Plainfield, New Jersey, in which the Boston Board of Directors asked the Court to rule that the term "Christian Science" is a trademark, and as such is the property of the Board of Directors in Boston. The issue before the Court can be summarized in one question:

Do five individuals in Boston own the term "Christian Science?--do the members of Independent Christian Science Church of Plainfield have the right to call themselves Christian Scientists, or can they be deprived of their constitutional right to religious liberty and freedom to practice their religion, in accordance with their interpretation of the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy?

That the Board of Directors is trying legally to prevent non-church affiliated Christian Scientists from using the name "Christian Science," "Christ Science," or "Christian Scientist," should awaken every Christian Scientist to the further implications. Do the Courts of the land have the power to decide who can and who cannot call himself a Baptist, a Methodist, a Quaker, or a Christian Scientist?

The rest of the site documents fairly well how the Christian Science Mother Church's Board of Directors bent the word and will of Mrs. Eddy to their own benefit. It also documents how an independent field came into being, primarily because of the actions of the Mother Church's B of D.

(The Christian Science Mother Church is roughly equivalent to Flag and the RTC rolled into one. The B of D is kind of a committee version of Miscavige.)

It's remarkable how the CoS followed the same path. For instance, on the subject of the Christian Science Church Archives:

Regarding the archives of The Mother Church, a former high official in The Mother Church writes: "Most Christian Scientists do not know the real purpose of the Archives. Ostensibly they were started to 'preserve' the historical documents and papers of the church. Actually they were intended to bring in and bury all evidence that showed that Mrs. Eddy did not want a highly organized church!"

And the Christian Science Mother Church B of D uses harassment and legal challenges against anyone who steps out of line. Sound familiar?

Basic Basic

For further readings: