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  1. 2,619 CIA Sources: The Crowley Files
  2. 2001 saw us shooting down SPs like ducks in a pond.
  3. A 90 hours week in the Sea Org is pure suppression
  4. Affidavit of Jesse Prince/de
  5. An Open Letter by the Niece of David Miscavige Jenna Miscavige Hill on Disconnection and the lies by OSA-PR about it
  6. Biographical Data collected on David Miscavige
  7. Criminal Time Track: A History of High Crimes Against Scientology
  8. Current events
  9. D.M. and RTC bypasses all levels of Management and poses as the new management in contradiction to its statuted
  10. D.M. got rid of his other RTC-Execs Mark Rathbun and Warren McShane
  11. David Miscavige's Beatings of Staff - Published by Radio Program
  12. David Miscavige, der grosse Chef von Scientology, ist ein verächtlicher Man
  13. David Miscavige - COB RTC - has not even studied the Org Exec Course OEC while "reorganizing the church"
  14. David Miscavige says "The war is over" and counts the IRS to his best friends
  15. Deposition of David Miscavige, the Witness, July 19, 1990 - Part 1
  16. Deposition of David Miscavige, the Witness, July 19, 1990 - Part 2
  17. Documented anonymous letters by the Squirrel-Watcher
  18. Erneuter Beweis - US-Regierung will Scientology kontrollieren - David Miscavige als CIA-Mann enttarnt
  19. Ex-Sea Org Members accuses D.M. that he beats his juniors physically
  20. FSB 20020118RB Bridge Changes since 1972
  21. Flag-Order 3879 Die Sea-Org und die Zukunft
  22. Flag-Order 3879 The Sea-Org and the Future, cancelled
  23. Further Missing Senior Executives of Scientology Top Management
  24. Jehovas Witness where established to change Russell's teachings
  25. Jokes on and about D.M.
  26. L. Ron Hubbard - The missing ten months
  27. LRHs Grade Chart 1970
  28. Main Page
  29. Marty Rathbun left RTC, looked for a job and is in politics today
  30. Nearly all CMO Int Staffs SP declared
  31. New Evidence - US-Government tries to control Scientology - David Miscavige is an exposed CIA-Source
  32. OTC WW UK Conditions Order Nr. 1 Committee of Evidence - Findings and Recommandations - Interested Party : David Miscavige 28. May 1984
  33. OTC WW UK Conditions Order Nr. 1 Komitee der Beweisaufnahme - Erkenntnisse und Empfehlungen - Betroffene Partei David Miscavige 28. Mai 1984
  34. OTC WW published an SP-Declare for David Miscavige
  35. OT Committee UK Ethics Order 1 Int Suppressive Person Declare David Miscavige 8 June 1984
  36. OT Committee Worldwide - Ethics Order No 1 Bill of Particulars on David Miscavige 13 March 1984
  37. Other Religious Movements which have been taken over by the enemy
  38. Query on HCO PL "Field Auditing Fees"
  39. RTC letter on I-Help (13. January 1998)
  40. RTCs Grade Chart 1999
  41. SP declare für David Miscavige - Aufzählung seiner Schwerverbrechen
  42. Take over plot and creation of a Fake version of Fengshui by Chinese Ming emperor
  43. Take over plot of the Christian Science
  44. Take over plot of the Roman Empire against the Christians
  45. Take over plot of the movement of OSHO aka Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh
  46. Take over plot of the spiritual movement of Eckankar
  47. Thank You
  48. The Dane Tops Letter 1982 reveals a 3rd Party
  49. The Everyday Bypass by D.M. of Orgs in Power: Flag FSO and St. Hill Size Hambourg Org which leads to a Crash of the Stats
  50. The Quentin Hubbard autopsy shows - he was murdered

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