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Plain text version STOP PRESS!!! Please forward this message on all lines


The latest RTC qualified and edited version of L.Ron Hubbard’s Book of Basics, published by New Era® Publications International ApS, erroneously omitted the most important Basic which is that “Considerations take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.”

The two page article* dates 1954, the year the Church of Scientology was founded and contains fundamental statements covering what the freedom of the individual depends on, the basic series of assumptions in processing, the goal of processing and the (non ™) definition of a scientologist.

Please keep the earlier version and/or add the following to your version immediately after Chapter 2 Definitions & Symbols.

Called to your attention by:

Qual Sec, LRon’s Org*

Birega Haus, Germany

at Multi Genius Technologies, Un-Ltd

for L.Ron Hubbard Founder